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The research project“GIS Corrugated bellows compensator performance evaluation platform tube”Complete identification of scientific and technological achievements

Recently, chaired by the Science and Technology Bureau of Shenyang City, our company research project "GIS bellows compensator performance evaluation platform" for the scientific and technological achievement
   "GIS bellows compensator Performance Evaluation Platform" project developed a GIS bellows compensator special equipment, developed under the auspices of the "combination of high electrical use bellows" and other national and industry standards, proposed GIS compensator reliability test methods, build a detection technology platform. The platform application areas for the application of high voltage power transmission bellows compensator safe use play the role of escort. Promotion and application platform projects help to improve product quality, safety protection products applications. Results of the project to fill the gap, the overall level of technology reached the international advanced level, the promotion of GIS compensator industry advances in technology, and enhance market competitiveness, has an important supporting role.