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Hangzhou Photographic Machinery Research Institute

Hangzhou Photographic Machinery Research Institute was founded in 1978, is the only professional R&D institute of Chinese photo-machinery industry, and is a comprehensive research institute with the functions of technology development, product production, and industry management.

Hangzhou Photographic Machinery Research Institute has set an engineering center and an industry center as two research centers. The engineering center takes on various national and professional scientific research and development projects, has the accumulated experience of optical design and manufacture for more than 30 years, is a unit of researching and developing optical plastic aspheric lens at the earliest in China, and is mainly engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing special lens, optical lens and optical coatings. The industry center includes industry management service departments such as National Camera Quality Supervision And Inspection Center, National Technical Committee on Photographic Machinery of Standardization Administration of China, CAMERA Monthly, China Culture & Office Equipment Association (CCOEA).

There are more than 200 staff in Hangzhou Photographic Machinery Research Institute now, including more than 50% professional technical staff. Hangzhou Photographic Machinery Research Institute has domestic first-class capacity of research and development, has more than 10 full-automatic high-precision injection molding machine manufactured by FANUC, and advanced injection molding machines manufactured by Germany, Italy, etc., and more than 20 inspection instruments such as Form-Talysurf aspheric surface roughness tester, laser digital wavefront interferometer developed by Zhejiang University.